Monday - 7pm   DOUBLE POINTS!!
$20 No Limit Hold'em (50k in chips) 
$20 Add on at first break (50k in chips)

18 Minute levels + 1 Re-buy option

Tuesday - 7pm  TRIPLE POINTS!!!
$25 No Limit Hold'em (70k in chips)
$10 Add on at 1st break (30k in chips)
15 Minute Blind Levels + 1 Re-buy option

Wednesday - 7pm
$35 Freeze out No Limit Hold'em Buy In (85k in chips)
No Rebuys - No Add Ons

Thursday - 7pm
$25 No Limit Hold'em (70k in chips)
$10 Add on (30k in chips)
15 Minute Blinds + 1 Re-buy (Rotating Schedule)

1st week: Short Deck Poker

2nd week: Crazy Pineapple

3rd week: 2-7 Triple draw

4th week: Double flop Hold'em

5th week: Partners Hold'em tournament

Saturday - 2pm   DOUBLE POINTS!!
$15 NL Hold'em Turbo (20k in chips)
$10 unlimited Rebuys till 1st break (20k in chips)
$10 Add on (20k in chips)
15 Minute Blind Levels

Saturday - 7:30pm
"Bounty Tournament"
$45 Bounty NL Hold'em (50k in Chips) 
$20 Add On (50k in Chips)
$20 Bounty For Every Player You Eliminate!!!

Sunday - 2pm   DOUBLE POINTS!!!
$55 Grand Stack NL Hold'em (100k in Chips)  
No Rebuys - No Add Ons
25 min Blind levels- Extra Levels

Sunday - 7:30pm
$25 Turbo NL Hold'em (70k in Chips)
$10 Add on at 1st break (30K in chips)
12 Minute levels + 1 Re-buy option (No Antes) 

Friday - 7pm
$35 No Limit Hold'em (75k in Chips)
$10 Add On at 1st break (30k in Chips)
No Rebuys

Top 27 tournament League runs every three (3) months!

Earn extra points for finishing in the top 3 places in every tournaments. Earn 1 point for each tournament entered and 1 point for every player you outlast if you make it to the final table. Top 3 point leaders gets free tournament credits as well as cash prizes;

1st- $100 credit,  2nd- $50 credit, 3rd - $25 credit.

Top 27 point leaders play a best of the best "FREEROLL" for a guaranteed minimum of $500 prize pool.


1st place   .... extra 15 pts
2nd place  .... extra 10 pts​

3rd place   .... extra 5 pts
4th place through 9th....1 pt for every player you outlast 


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